Luso-American Education Foundation Continuing Education Scholarship Guidelines & Application

The Luso-American Education Foundation (LAEF) is dedicated to helping re-entry college students succeed by awarding scholarships for continued education.

The Luso-American Education Foundation offers numerous Scholarships. All applicants must be….

  1. Official Resident of the United States
  2. Be of Portuguese/Lusophone descent or provide proof of study in the Portuguese language/culture
  3. Must meet one of the following options
    •  Attending a community or four-year college/university.
    • Enrolled in a Graduate Program (i.e. Masters, PhD, Credential Program).
    • Be an educator in the field of Portuguese language and/or Lusophone culture
    • Preparing for a professional career where the use of the Portuguese language may be used.
  • (D-1) Herbert Fernandes Memorial Scholarship – a non-renewable scholarship.  Amount of scholarship will vary.

   Applicants must also meet the following Requirements:

  1. GPA of 3.5 or 3.0 if taking or has taken Portuguese Language courses
  2. Applicants must also meet at least one of the following requirements:
    • Actively involved in a Portuguese American community
    • Has taken Portuguese language classes at the college level.
  • (D-2) Graduate Scholarship – a non-renewal scholarship; however, applicant may apply up to 4 academic years. Scholarship amount – $2,500

Applicants must also meet ONE of the following requirements:

  1. Be of Portuguese descent with a minimum college GPA of 3.5
  2. Pursuing a Graduate Degree/Credential Program in Portuguese language or culture with a minimum    GPA of 3.0
  • D-3) Amadeu dos Santos & Helen Rose Picado Memorial Scholarship – a nonrenewal scholarship; however, applicant may apply each academic year. Scholarship amount may vary; minimum -$1,500. Applicant must not be a direct descent of the donor.
    • Applicant must also meet the following requirements:
      • Enrolled in a Graduate/Credential Program (i.e., Masters, PhD, Credential Program
      • Minimum GPA 3.0
      • Must be of Portuguese or Lusophone ancestry
    • Applicant must also meet ONE of the following:
      • Speak Portuguese with at least minimal fluency; or
      • Currently taking Portuguese language classes; or
      • Portuguese still spoken in home; or
      • Strong identification with Portuguese or Lusophone heritage

The Scholarship application and the following items must be postmarked or received in our office by MARCH 1st for the application to qualify and be reviewed by the scholarship committee. Your application will not be considered if these items are not received.

  • Completed Scholarship Application
  • Submit an official transcript of all college coursework. The transcripts must be issued and certified by school officials.
  • Submit the scored from GRE or any other equivalent standardized test.
  • Letters of Recommendation from two individuals who can speak of your character and/or financial need.