Scholarships/Grants – The Luso-American Education Foundation awards scholarships/grants to high school seniors and college students of Portuguese descent or those studying Portuguese and members of the Luso-American Fraternal Federation, Sociedade Portuguesa Rainha Santa Isabel and the Portuguese Continental Union.

Sponsor Students – Financial aid awarded to eligible students participating in Portuguese language and culture courses in the United States and in Portugal.

Culture and Education – Sponsor and hold an annual conference focusing on the Portuguese language, literature and culture.Provide support to other education and cultural programs that foster the teaching and promotion of the Portuguese Language or Culture. (i.e. Music,Folkloric Dance, History, Art, etc.)

Community Events and Projects – Support community events and projects aboutthe Portuguese and Portuguese-Americans

Accolades – Honor individuals for their continuous dedication to the Portuguese-American community.

Social Activities – Raising funds with a variety of activities and events to support our scholarships, educational and cultural programs we offer and sponsor.

Cultural Youth Summer Camp – Organize and sponsor an annual weeklong camp on a college campus for students to learn about college life and the Portuguese culture.

Dia de Portugal – Sponsor and celebrate “Dia de Portugal, deCamoes e das ComunidadesPortuguesas” inconjunction with the Foundation’s Anniversary and honoring the scholarship recipients.