Luso’s History


Luso-American Financial is the leading Portuguese fraternal benefit life insurance society in the United States and is the successor of the Benevolent Society of California which was founded in 1868 in San Francisco and of the União Portuguesa Continental founded in 1917 in Oakland. In 1957, these two leading societies were consolidated under the name of the United National Life Insurance Society with its fraternal division formed under the name “Luso-American Fraternal Federation” (LUSO).

The Luso-American Education Foundation (LAEF) was formed in 1963 to foster, sponsor and perpetuate the Portuguese language and culture in the United States in part by providing scholarships and educational grants to students.

Nearly 37 years later in 1993, the company’s name was changed to the Luso-American Life Insurance Society to match its’ fraternal identity which also pays tribute to those early immigrants to America who were known as “Luso-Americans” because they were nearly all from mainland Portugal, which in ancient times was referred to as “Lusitania”.

In 2002, the Portuguese Continental Union of the USA (PCU) headquartered in Massachusetts, merged with and into LALIS. Nearly six years later in 2008, the Sociedade Portuguesa Rainha Santa Isabel (SPRSI) also joined the LALIS family, then forming the largest Portuguese fraternal benefit society in the world.

In 2016, the supreme governing body of the organization voted to change the name to Luso-American Financial – A Fraternal Benefit Society to better align the company’s name with its full scope of financial product offerings which include not only Life Insurance, but Annuities, IRA’s, IRA Rollover’s, and Educational Savings Accounts as well.

As a 501(c)(8) tax-exempt fraternal benefit society, Luso-American Financial has combined its Fraternal Branches: Luso-American Fraternal Federation, PCU, and SPRSI to just one Fraternal Branch “Luso-American Fraternal” (LUSO). Luso-American Fraternal are charged with the responsibility of promoting the civic, cultural, educational, social, and fraternal activities of the Society. Luso-American long ago recognized the importance of family and as a result created a “20-30’s Associates” department and a thriving “Youth” department to meet the needs of our children and young adults as future stewards of our Society. Our councils or lodges hold regular meetings and events to help preserve our Portuguese language, culture, and heritage.

Luso-American Financial – A Fraternal Benefit Society is a not-for-profit financial services company domiciled in the state of California, whose mission statement is “a fraternal provider of affordable and competitive financial protection, retirement options and the ultimate cultural experience to our members and families.”

With roots tracing back to 1868, through our network of fraternal councils and lodges, “LUSO” as we are affectionately known, has been helping generations of families thrive by promoting the fraternal, civic, cultural, social, and educational ideals of the communities we live in. In a nutshell, LUSO is a world where Family Values prevail – a world where we Stand by and Believe in our Young People and ultimately a world where the Portuguese Language & Culture are kept alive for Future Generations.

Luso-American Financial – A Fraternal Benefit Society is to conduct a nonprofit organization dedicated to

  1. Being the premier provider of insurance, financial products, and fraternal services to members and Luso- American communities.
  2. Operating subordinate Fraternal Councils and Lodges.
  3. Promoting the cultural, social, educational, and charitable activities of its members, their families, and others, consistent with the rules of this Society.
  4. Operating in compliance with relevant sections of the Internal

100 years

Luso’s 100 year book – Click to see PDF

150 years

Luso’s 150 year book – Click to see PDF